Safaris vs. Zoos


Some people prefer safaris, whereas, others prefer zoo. Whether you want to go to a safari or zoo depends on a number of factors.



With safari park, you won’t get to see as many animals as you would at a zoo. In case of safari, you see animals roam around in larger area and so you get to see less of them. You won’t be able to walk through a safari park like you would in a zoo.

Size of animal enclosures

In safari, you will see animals happier. You won’t feel bad about animals being in a cage. They have lots of room to feed, play and sleep in safari. Large enclosures of safari, make it more appealing.

Crowd vs. comfortable

Zoo is very crowded. The main reason is that zoos are easily accessible. If you want something less crowded, then you should go to safari. On the other hand, zoos are more comfortable than safaris.

Variety of animals

In zoo, you will be able to see a wide variety of animals. But in a safari park, the number of animals you will get to see depends on your luck. As the area is huge, you will not be able to see so many animals like in a zoo.


Both zoo and safari have lots of activities to offer. So, depending on your age and preference, you will enjoy these activities.


Whether it’s a good idea to go to a zoo or safari, depends on your personal preference and convenience. Even though safaris are challenging and hard to access, they are super exciting. For an adult, safari is better than zoo if you are ready to take the challenge.

3 things to think about before you go to a safari


If it’s your first time, you need to consider a few things before going to a safari. Whether you are for Kenya’s tented camps, or relaxing in a South African safari lodge, you should keep some of the following things in mind.

1. Be prepared

Going to a safari is not like a normal travel experience. It requires lot of planning. The jeeps are not comfortable, so you should be prepared to have cramped rides. Just bring the essentials; don’t overload your bag. Don’t bring too many lenses for your camera. Your opportunity to view wildlife may be for a few seconds and so you won’t get the time to change your lenses.

2. Safari is not a theme park

Unlike theme parks, the animals in safari are not tamed or socialized. They are wild and they act as wild animals. Your guide is your best friend when you are on a game drive. You should be nice to him and listen to what he says. Don’t encourage your guide to do things that are not ethical or which may place wild animals in danger.

3. May not see the Big Five

You should keep in mind that you may not see all the Big Five, which are lion, African elephant, leopard, rhinoceros, and Cape buffalo. Which animals you will be able to see is purely luck. So, without much expectation, just relax and enjoy whatever you get to see.

Safaris can make you nervous, especially if you are going there for the first time. However, with some mental preparation, you can have an exciting experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

4 safaris you should go to in Africa


African safaris are the best in the world. If you are plannign for an African safery, then here is a list of the best African safari tours for you.

Luxury Migration, Lake and Crater Safari


This is one of the best African tours. It is a 9-day long safari in Kenya’s Masai Mara before you move on to Tanzania for the Serengeti, the Ngoronoro Crater and Lake Manyara. This is a great chance to witness the migration.

Honeymoon Cape Town and Krugar


This is a 9-day combination tour of safari mixed with beach experience. Your will enjoy wine, gourmet food, great views. You will enjoy all the thrills of a safari in Kruger reserve.

Private Guided Botswana, Vic Falls and Zimbabwe


This is a 14-day safari where you will enjoy four awesome southern Africa destinations. You will go to the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana, Victoria Falls, Hwange National Park and Matobos in Zimbabwe.

Masai Mara, Serengeti and Selous Luxury Safari


In this safari, you will enjoy the best of Tanzania and Kenya. You will explore the Masai Mara, Serengeti, Selous Game Reserve and Ngorongoro Crater. You will stay in personalized tented camps and observe a crowd-free game viewing

These are the most popular safaris in Africa rated by Africa Safari Experts. You will enjoy the safari and have an experience of a life time.